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Maven PRO Monitoring

Stay connected to your climate-controlled environments

Ensuring that climates stay within safe and comfortable ranges for the animals in your care is a top priority — whether in a kennel, an RV or van, a stable, or a veterinary practice. Use maven PRO Monitoring to stay in control, 24/7.

Unlike other products, our 3G-wireless system always remains connected, even while your vehicle is off, or if your power or internet goes down. Receive alerts when conditions go outside your preferences, and access real-time data from anywhere through our cloud-based service.
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Maven PRO Shipments

Independent high-fidelity tracking on your most sensitive shipments

Be certain that your precious and high-value shipments get to their destination without experiencing extreme conditions, and have the data at your fingertips to take action if things don't go according to plan.

Use maven PRO Shipments to oversee deliveries of animals to their new owners, track your travel to conformation shows, or ensure the integrity of sensitive reproductive materials. Get detailed analysis of the temperature and location of your package in real-time.
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maven PT

The smart pet tracker for travel

Moving or traveling with a pet can be stressful, especially if you have to check them into a cargo hold of an airplane. Wouldn’t it be nice to know where your pet is and what their comfort level was during their trip?

Take the anxiety out of traveling with your pet — track the journey with maven PT. Attach our sensor to your pet's crate, and get real-time location and temperature data through our mobile app.

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for Pet Owners
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Purebred Animal Breeders

Track your sensitive shipments and animal deliveries
Monitor conditions in your kennel

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Show Handlers

Track conditions and location while flying to shows
Monitor conditions in your van or RV

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Track sensitive biological shipments
Monitor conditions in your office or refrigerated units
Become a maven PT Affiliate

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Pet Owners

Track conditions your pet experiences during travel