Bring Your Pet Wherever You Go

They’re your best friend and member of the family. Make sure your pet is handled properly throughout the duration of your trip.

Moving or traveling with a pet during air travel can be stressful. Wouldn’t it be nice to know where your pet is and what their environment is like while you are flying to your final destination? Get the insight and visibility of your pet’s location and local temperature via our powerful smart phone application.

Combined with low-cost yet powerful disposable sensors for air-cargo crates, the Maven PT platform will provide you with a full view of your pet’s status while in transport. Quickly see changes in condition with your pet using our Pet Card View (PCV), and react to any situation with our powerful chat feature that can allow you to communicate with your transportation provider all from your smart phone. Get that extra layer of comfort that your pet deserves – door to door.

We know the safety of your pet is your top concern.

Get the latest in safe pet travel technology with MavenPT.

Maven Sensor


  • Real-time location and ambient temperature your pet is experiencing
  • Pre-set temperature thresholds and alarming feature
  • Easy set up feature and integration of your pets shipping information
  • Quick chat feature with your pet shipping service if used
  • Low cost, disposable sensor that affixes easily to your pet crate
  • Summary PDF of trip details automatically generated upon conclusion
  • Share your pet’s real-time trip with family and friends or your shipping service