maven PT Shipments

Independent high-fidelity tracking on your most sensitive shipments

Tracking with maven PRO
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Add the shipment on maven PRO

Provide our system the short-code on the sensor you're using, the temperature range your package should stay within, and the destination address. That's all we need to provide high-fidelity tracking to you, independent of couriers or carriers you're shipping with.

For additional layers of reporting, enter tracking numbers or other identifiers into the shipment's details, and we'll pull all that information and combine it with our tracking into one concise view.

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Activate and pack your sensor

Press the button at the center of the sensor to activate it. Once the sensor is able to connect to available cellular networks, data will begin streaming into your shipment.

Then pack the sensor in with your shipment. That's it!

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Get real-time data and alerts

You will receive temperature and location data throughout the journey, in real-time, while the sensor stays within range of a compatible cellular network. While the sensor is off the network, most commonly when the package is on board an airplane, the sensor continues collecting measurements and waits to upload until reconnects.

Our system will alert you via email and text message when temperature readings go outside your specified range, when we detect routing issues, and when your package is nearing its destination.

maven PRO solutions for
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Track sensitive biological shipments
Monitor conditions in your office or refrigerated units
Become a maven PT Affiliate

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Purebred Animal Breeders

Track your sensitive shipments and animal deliveries
Monitor conditions in your kennel