maven PRO for Handlers

maven PRO Monitoring for Handlers

Keep tabs on conditions in your RV or van while traveling

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Monitor an RV or van remotely

When you're on the road traveling for a show, you can't be in your vehicle at all times. Whether you're stopping for gas or a meal, sometimes you need to step away from your van or RV, and the animals under your care.

Use maven PRO Monitoring to keep a constant watch over conditions in your vehicle, and eliminate the need to jog out to the parking lot every ten minutes to check on your animals.

Measurements flow from your sensors to the maven PRO system in real time. Access your data anytime, from anywhere, through our cloud-based service.

Simple, tool-free hardware installation

Our innovative tag-and-gateway hardware system is completely wireless. The sensor tags use Bluetooth technology to transmit measurements to the gateway, and the gateway reports to the maven PRO service over 3G cellular networks.

With no holes to drill, wires to run, or network configuration required, the initial installation is simple.

Affix the self-adhesive sensor tags practically anywhere you want to precisely monitor. Then place your gateway within range of your sensors, and bring it online. Done!

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Get real-time data and alerts when it matters most

Other products rely on a constant source of power, or connect to your phone in order to upload data — severely limiting their utility when you're away from your vehicle.

The most critical times to alerts are when your vehicle is off, and you've stepped away, and that's when you can rely on maven PRO to alert you!

Our gateways stay operational for days without power, and our sensor tags run for half a year before needing replacement - new tags are included in your subscription!

maven PRO Shipments for Handlers

Track your air travel for conformation shows

Independent tracking for precious cargo

Checking a prized animal in for a flight can be a nerve-wracking experience. Commercial airlines are not equipped to provide you granular tracking, and your animals can be exposed to a wide range of environmental conditions.

Get a window into your flights with maven PRO Shipments.

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Two-step shipment setup

Provide our system the short-code on the sensor you're using, the temperature range your shipment should stay within, and the destination address. That's all we need to provide high-fidelity tracking to you, independent of your airline.

Press the button at the center of the sensor to activate it, then attach it to the top of your animal's crate. That's it!

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Get real-time data and alerts

You will receive temperature and location data throughout the journey, in real-time, while the sensor stays within range of a compatible cellular network.

Our system will alert you via email and text message when temperature readings go outside your specified range, or when we detect routing issues.