maven PRO for Veterinarians

Earn with maven PT — become an affiliate
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Help us reach traveling pet owners

Reaching our target customer for maven PT — pet owners who must check their companions in as cargo for a flight — at just the right time prior to traveling has been a challenge for us through traditional print and internet marketing.

To solve this problem, we've started the maven PT Veterinary Affiliate program, because we realized what all traveling pet owners have to do before flying: visit their veterinarian for a checkup and a certificate of health!

Add maven PT to your office's product inventory, and earn a referral bonus on each sensor sold by your practice.

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No inventory risk to you

We individually verify the credentials of every practice applying to be an affiliate. Once verified, your affiliate practice will receive a stock of maven PT sensors at no up-front cost.

Then, sell sensors to your clients as you would any other product, at our posted retail price. No integrations with our online shop or billing systems are necessary.

Since every sensor is uniquely identified, we can attribute activated sensors to a sale through your practice. We bill you for those activated sensors, less your referral bonus. When we detect that your stock is likely getting low, we'll send you additional sensors. It's that simple!

Office climate alerts with maven PRO Monitoring
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Monitor conditions at your office from anywhere

Ensuring that climates stay within safe and comfortable ranges for the animals in your care is a top priority — especially if your practice boards animals overnight.

Use maven PRO Monitoring to keep a constant watch over conditions in your office, and get alerts when the temperature or humidity goes outside your specified ranges.

Measurements flow from your sensors to the maven PRO system in real time. Access your data anytime, from anywhere, through our cloud-based service.

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Simple, tool-free hardware installation

Our innovative tag-and-gateway hardware system is completely wireless. The sensor tags use Bluetooth technology to transmit measurements to the gateway, and the gateway reports to the maven PRO service over 3G cellular networks.

With no holes to drill, wires to run, or network configuration required, the initial installation is simple.

Affix the self-adhesive sensor tags practically anywhere in your office or refrigerated units. Then place your gateway within range of your sensors, and bring it online. Done!

Expanding your monitoring setup is just as simple, and there is no limit to the number of zones monitored simultaneously.

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Get real-time data and alerts when it matters most

Other products rely on Wi-Fi availability, or connect to your phone in order to upload data — severely limiting their utility when you're away from your vehicle or facility, or if the power or internet goes down.

The most critical times to receive temperature or humidity alerts might often coincide with a loss of power, and that's when you can rely on maven PRO to alert you!

Our gateways stay operational for days without power, and our sensor tags will continue collecting data if they lose connection with a gateway and transmit all measurements once they reconnect.

Temperature tracking with maven PRO Shipments
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Get full visibility into your shipments

Sensitive shipments of reproductive materials can experience a wide range of environmental conditions while in transit. Even the most well-designed insulated cartons are no match for the heat of an airport tarmac on a hot summer day. Your shipment arrived feeling cold — but how do you know it stayed within the safe temperature range for the duration of its travels?

Gain a window into the condition of these deliveries with maven PRO Shipments.

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Two-step shipment setup

Provide our system the short-code on the sensor you're using, the temperature range your package should stay within, and the destination address. That's all we need to provide high-fidelity tracking to you, independent of couriers or carriers you're shipping with.

Press the button at the center of the sensor to activate it. Once the sensor is able to connect to available cellular networks, data will begin streaming into your shipment.

Then pack the sensor in with your shipment. That's it!

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Get real-time data and alerts

You will receive temperature and location data throughout the journey, in real-time, while the sensor stays within range of a compatible cellular network. While the sensor is off the network, most commonly when the package is on board an airplane, the sensor continues collecting measurements and waits to upload until reconnects.

Our system will alert you via email and text message when temperature readings go outside your specified range, when we detect routing issues, and when your package is nearing its destination.