Maven Travel Medley Video!

Check out this fun clip of our Travel Medley at CES!

🎤With Brand Ambassador Amy Walker and musician/composer Nipun Nair! 🎸

❇️ >> Which song is your favorite? << ❇️
🎵 Country Roads
🎵 I Would Walk 500 Miles (in full Scottish accent! 😉)
🎵 Proud Mary
🎵 Magical Mystery Tour
🎵 Five Hundred Miles (Peter, Paul and Mary)

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CES Success!

Live Music medleys with animal 🐶 and travel themes ✈️, and our feel-good pop song #IGotYou attracted great crowds at CES! 🎤🎸

🎬 🌟Videos of Nipun Nair and Amy Walker coming soon!
💜…and then Amy got tiiiired. 😉

Featured in WIRED Magazine!

WIRED Magazine featured us! 🔥

“In the sea of consumer products that is #ces2019, a few gems stand out…”

“If you want to make sure that your best friend in the entire world hasn’t been left in a burning hot cargo bay or on a freezing runway, the CargoSense pet tracker will keep track of their location in real time, monitor environmental conditions while in flight…”

>> Read the article by Adrienne So.

Ranked in Top 7 DC Companies to Watch at CES! 💥

MavenPT Highlighted on!

CargoSense is introducing a new consumer product called Maven Pet Tracker. The company’s cloud platform integrates data from internet-connected sensors to monitor supply-chain goods. Maven PT will monitor the shipment of pets, horses and show animals shipped as cargo by airlines and other methods” ~ Kieran McQuilkin,

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at Booth #2207 at the Westgate in Vegas!

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🎸World Premiere of #IGotYou pop single by Amy Walker and Nipun Nair! 🎸

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